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2022 Benefit Committee

Benefit Chairs

Diana K. Feldman & Ambassador Brenda L. Johnson

Benefit Co-Chairs

Gigi Benson, Susan Bloomberg, Marie Crouch, Susan Gutfreund, & Ursula Striker

Benefit Vice Chairs

Charlotte Ford, Lynn Jacobson, & Topsy Taylor

Benefit Committee Members

Sandy Diamond, Frances Frawley, Barbara Georgescu, Jane Klauer, Dorian Colucci Mecir, Carol Mehler,  Betsy Rowe, & Arlene Weidberg

Benefit Planning Committee

Gigi Benson, Laurie Bodor, Cricket Burns, Lucia Corral, Marie Crouch, Sandy Diamond, Diana Feldman, Susan Gutfreund, Lynn Jacobson, Ambassador Brenda Johnson, Bobbie Lloyd, Betsy Rowe, Ursula Hautle Striker, & Arlene Weidberg

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